The Bianco® FRD Open-Width Squeezing Padder is used after washing and dyeing. It can be installed either on the rope opener/slitting line or at the inlet to drying lines.

There are two types of squeezer: high squeezing and impregnation.

High Squeezing Padder extracts water from the fabric, in order to equalize moisture over the whole height. The two 220mm diameter steel cylinders (upper beam at 3000mm – diameter 350mm), coated in 92-94 shore hardness rubber, obtain optimal and homogeneous squeezing at a pressure of 53 kg/cml.

Impregnation Padder, used to impregnate fabrics with chemical treatment products, guarantees optimal squeezing even at medium pressures. The rubber has a 80-85 shore hardness for a squeezing pressure of 35 kg/cml. Available on request is the “Stabil” cylinder for low pressure squeezing.

Impregnation Tank, made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel for fabric baths with water and/or treatment chemicals.

220° Spreading unit relaxes fabric coming into the padder. For woven fabrics, a cylinder curved may alternatively be used.

Speed Compensator, a dancer unit that can be installed at the padder output, composed of two small diameter cylinders mounted on an oscillating frame, which guarantees perfect synchrony and adjusts tension in the fabric.


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