Tubular Opener


Bianco® Tubular Opener is a line for the treatment of tubular woven fabrics after washing and dyeing. It winds and relaxes the fabric rope and reduces moisture in the material without centrifuging.

The AIRBALLONING system and STRETCHER magnetic spreader guarantee minimum elongation even at high operational speeds.

Detwister Used to remove any tension from the rope, it ensures optimum untwisting without elongation. Entirely made in stainless steel.

Height-adjustable Frame, for drawing-in the fabric and normal maintenance to clean the detwister without the use of any ladder. It guarantees perfect operation at extremely high speeds at any height.

High Squeezing Padder extracts water from the fabric, in order to equalize moisture over the whole height. The two 220mm diameter steel cylinders coated in 92-94 shore hardness rubber, with 220mm diameter, obtain optimal and homogeneous squeezing at a pressure of 53 kg/cml.

Dragging Unit, ring spreader (optional Twister or Stretcher) with double calender displacement and rubber-coated and motorized cylinders, advances the fabric. The output dancer cylinder guarantees perfect synchrony without elongation.

STRETCHER Magnetic Spreader, with four independent motors, facilitates opening of the tubular fabric and adjusts the correct width, over-feeding it in three phases (low, medium and high).

Lever Plaiter with conveyor belt.


Impregnation Padder, used to impregnate fabrics with chemical treatment products, guarantees optimal squeezing even at medium pressures. The rubber has a 80-85 shore hardness for a squeezing pressure of 35 kg/cml.

Hydraulic Platform for Trolley Rotation It makes the untwisting of the fabric easier by operating in synchrony with the detwister. The structure is completely in stainless steel and equipped with hydraulic motors for processing heavy trolleys.

J-box Rope Squeezer It reduces the amount of water inside the tubular fabric prior to entry into the detwister in order to decrease the weight of the fabric and avoid elongation. It works in perfect synchrony with the machine and is completely made in stainless steel.

Twister for opening of tubular fabric at inlet and adjustment of its spirality. 

Stretcher for opening of tubular fabric at inlet and over-feeding for relaxation.

Tubular fabric can be processed even without slitting and opening. Bianco® Tubular Processing machines guarantee the best technological solutions for this specific process, with high production speeds and optimal fabric quality.


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