Bianco® TWISTER (Patent No. 0001404261) is an innovative device unique in its class. Used for control and correction of the spirality of the tubular fabric, it guarantees torque stability throughout the process.

The TWISTER can be installed on Bianco® and many other machines and used at various stages of processing (drying and compacting).

It consists of two units, each one consisting of two wheels, between which magnets are positioned to attract the balls of ferrous material coated in special rubber.

The lower wheels are driven by geared motors with variable speed inverter and the possibility of managing the over-feeding of the fabric. A second motor controls the inclination of each unit to allow adjustment of the spirality of the fabric.

Soft-touch magnetic spheres allow perfect opening of the fabric, avoiding marks, optimal control of torque and reduced elongation managed by over-feeding.


Automatic Control of Spirality, with the STD1 installed on output to detect the inclination and adjust the two Twister units.

Motorized adjustment of fabric opening

Tubular fabric can be processed even without slitting and opening. Bianco® Tubular Processing machines guarantee the best technological solutions for this specific process, with high production speeds and optimal fabric quality.


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